元宇宙·新生 多元NFT碰撞巅峰时尚对话LVMH集团高管Mehdi Barbara

Mc: Hello everyone, and welcome to the first Pioneer Leader AMA hosted by SupreNFT. In this issue of AMA, we are honored to have Mr. Mehdi Barbara, an executive of the LVMH Group, a strategic partner of SupreNFT and the world’s top fashion leader. 

主持人:大家好,欢迎来到SupreNFT举办的首场先锋领导者AMA。在本期AMA中,我们很荣幸邀请到SupreNFT战略合作伙伴、全球顶级时尚引领者LVMH集团的高管Mehdi Barbara先生。

Mr. Mehdi Barbara is also the co-founder and senior consultant of SupreNFT. In today’s rounds of Q&A, he will share with you the issues related to the strategic cooperation between LVMH Group and SupreNFT, and talk about trends and the future development of NFT.Then we enter the topic.

Mehdi Barbara先生同时也是SupreNFT的联合发起人和高级顾问,在今天的多轮问答中,将和大家共同分享LVMH集团与SupreNFT战略合作的相关问题,畅谈潮流与NFT的未来发展。

1. Mc: We all know that the fashion industry or the luxury goods industry is an industry that pays great attention to historical precipitation. So how does LVMH, being a  company owns 75 top luxury brands in the world, how does you see the strategic cooperation with Supre NFT?


Mehdi Barbara: Hello everyone, this is Mehdi Barbara. The fashion field and the luxury goods industry really pay great attention to historical heritage and the density of aesthetic. Each brand under the LVMH Group adheres to tradition, based on a unique historical heritage, and strongly focuses on creating exquisite products.

Mehdi Barbara:大家好我是Mehdi Barbara。时尚领域和奢侈品行业确实十分注重历史传承,和美学的厚度。LVMH集团旗下的品牌秉持传统,以独特的历史传承为基础,坚定不移地专注于打造精美绝伦的产品。

But in the process of creating fashion and excellence, “innovation” is also the gene of the trend. Finding new inspiration in classics and trendy is the reason why the fashion industry can gain vitality. Therefore, in the process of collision between history and new things, we always maintain curiosity and the ability to explore, in order to continuously build brand charm and core force of attraction.


In this process, we have observed that blockchain technology has gradually penetrated into all aspects of society and life, including the field of fashion.


As early as April this year, LVMH, together with Prada and Cartier, jointly developed the world’s first global luxury blockchain “Aura Blockchain Alliance”. 


Aura represents a single innovative solution that helps luxury auctions to convey information such as product authenticity, purchasing credibility and sustainability in an immutable blockchain digital form, so that customers can better understand us The product.


In the process of promoting Aura, we have made success progress, from which we deeply feel the charm of blockchain technology, and it is using actual effects to prove to the world that it can bring huge development momentum to the luxury and fashion field.


Therefore, we are actively looking for partners who can meet the needs of innovation and creativity and a safe and diverse ecosystem. 


After many investigations and discussions, we chose to establish close cooperation with SupreNFT, which is committed to letting intangible influence circulate in the real world and can support the resonance of the imagined world.


2. Mc: So you mentioned just now that the luxury goods industry or LVMH Group has seen the huge potential of blockchain earlier, so can you talk about your further reasons for choosing SupreNFT?


Mehdi Barbara: Yes, after observing the huge influence of blockchain on the fashion industry, our vision of combining blockchain and fashion trends has become richer and more concrete. Therefore, we have noticed SupreNFT, the emerging multi-convergence NFT super aggregation platform.

Mehdi Barbara:没错,在观察到了区块链对时尚行业的巨大影响力之后,我们对区块链和时尚潮流的结合设想更加丰富也更加具象化了。因此,我们注意到了新兴的多元融合的NFT超级聚合平台SupreNFT。

From SupreNFT’s vision of the future, we can see a more diversified form of expression and a broader future that combines trendy fashion with blockchain and NFT. 


In the future, SupreNFT also plans to support compatibility with Flow, Solana, AVAX and other chains and cross-chain assets.


The combination of concepts and advanced technology enable LVMH Group to deploy its existing huge fashion resources on SupreNFT with confidence and inspire greater value through SupreNFT.


3. Mc: Can you explain some objectives of the combination and cooperation between LVMH Group and SupreNFT?


Mehdi Barbara: SupreNFT can realize many future imaginations of fashion trends.

Mehdi Barbara:SupreNFT能够实现时尚潮流面向未来的许多想象。

The cooperation with SupreNFT this time is dedicated to helping customers create a more seamless resale market through the “Luxury NFT Digital Passport”. It can even digitally record the sales, service and repair history, which is not in the process of luxury brand identification. Ignored links. 


We believe that this kind of technology can play an important role in the rapidly developing luxury goods resale market in the future, and we will work with SupreNFT to open up “a new paradigm of digital marking for every item”.


On the one hand, it can NFT the top luxury and fashion products represented by the LVMH group. On the other hand, through SupreNFT, 


The new creation and extensive sales of luxury NFTs can be realized, and sales may not stop at the two traditional methods of retail and auction. Above, split, integration, blind box and other forms are also one of the directions of our cooperation.


More highlight is that LVMH Group will work with SupreNFT to create a meta-universe Supreverse that leads fashion and art and breaks through the senses. This will bring a highly aesthetic and subversive parallel world to all customers around the world.


4. Mc: We understand that you have also joined the SupreNFT project as a co-sponsor and senior consultant. So from your personal point of view, how do you view the cooperation with SupreNFT?


Mehdi Barbara: From my personal perspective, the strategic cooperation between LVMH Group and SupreNFT is undoubtedly a win-win choice to help LVMH Group inspire creativity while helping SupreNFT expand its influence.

Mehdi Barbara:从我个人的角度看待LVMH集团与SupreNFT的战略合作无疑是帮助LVMH集团激发创意,同时也是帮助SupreNFT扩大影响的,一次双赢的选择。

As for my status as a consultant, it is due to SupreNFT’s longing for the future on the vast chain that coincides with my own ideas. 


This includes various issues such as digital trends and fashion creation methods, the existence of fashion luxury goods, product sales and guarantees, and the identity of digital natives.


These same ideas prompted me to join the SupreNFT project more deeply.


In the future, I will use more than ten years of resources and experience in the fashion and luxury goods industry to help SupreNFT get more efficient and artistic inspiration for luxury NFTization and NFT creativity. It is hoped that it can bring new breakthroughs to both SupreNFT and the fashion and luxury goods industry.


5. In fact, we can see the cooperation between LVMH Group and your personal identity and SupreNFT from the information that has been disclosed, not only in the existing NFT creation, NFT issuance tracking and other aspects. Both parties also have a very long-term and three-dimensional plan on the innovative concept of Meta Universe. What do you think of the meta universe? What type of cooperation will SupreNFT have in Metaverse?


Mehdi Barbara: Actually, Metaverse is not a concept unique to the blockchain industry. As early as about 30 years ago, the concept of “Metaverse” was proposed in the novel “Avalanche”. With the development of technology, everyone has a digital identity, and freely defined imagination is gradually becoming a reality. AR, VR, artificial intelligence, and blockchain are all important technical means to promote the implementation of the meta-universe.

Mehdi Barbara:实际上元宇宙,不是一个独属于区块链行业的概念。早在约30年前,“Metaverse”的概念就在小说《雪崩》中被提出。而随着技术的发展,人人拥有数字身份,并且可以自由定义的想象逐渐在变为现实。AR、VR、人工智能、区块链都是推动元宇宙落地的重要技术手段。

To the LVMH Group, the key issue is how to present its top fashion resources and creative breakthrough from the meta universe.


The appearance of SupreNFT happened to help us solve this problem.


First of all, the decentralization and trustless characteristics of blockchain technology can better interpret the concept of “meta universe”. In such a real and illusory space, everyone has a corresponding digital identity and is not affected by any center. They can express themselves freely under the constraints of the organization.


Secondly, among all the technologies in the blockchain world, the “unique” nature of the non-homogeneous token NFT naturally fits the characteristics of the fashion industry’s advocating personalization and customization.


The LVMH Group has been exploring the meta universe and has already prepared for its creation and creativity. 


Through the cooperation with SupreNFT, we will unlock cross-temporal art shows and NFT fashion products in the meta-universe, and continue to promote the cultivation and exploration of virtual artists, giving the meta-universe more trend and imagination charm, and linking more meta Inhabitants of the universe.


6.Mc: The luxury industry is getting closer and closer to NFT and Metaverse. We have known that the 200th birthday of Louis Vuitton is approaching in this month , and the Louis Vuitton Group is also celebrating this important moment by launching a NFT-based mobile game “LOUIS THE GAME”. What do you think of this game and the trends it represents?

6主持人:奢侈品行业和NFT以及元宇宙的联系越来越紧密了,最近我们也看到为了路易威登先生的200岁生日就在本月,并且路易威登集团也为了庆祝这一重要时刻推出了基于NFT的手机游戏《LOUIS THE GAME》。请问您对这款游戏及其代表的趋势是怎么看的呢?

Mehdi Barbara: This game is based on NFT creation, in which a very beautiful and interactive design to help players go back to the legendary life of Louis Vuitton. Not only that, “LOUIS THE GAME” also invited many NFT artists to design their own NFT, a total of 30. The well-known NFT artist Beeple designed 10 of these works.

Mehdi Barbara:这款游戏是基于NFT创作的,其中极具美感和交互性的设计来帮助玩家回溯路易威登传奇的一生。不止如此,《LOUIS THE GAME》还邀请到了众多NFT艺术家为其设计专属的NFT,共有30个。而知名NFT艺术家Beeple设计了其中的10个作品。

In my opinion, this is a very creative and imaginative attempt, and it is also a way to let more people understand the brand and gain happiness.


The appearance of blockchain and NFT brings not only technological innovation, but also conceptual innovation. The decentralized approach makes everything more “equal”. Luxury with games, brand with blockchain, the combination of these concepts is very attractive.


7.Finally, talk about your vision for cooperation with SupreNFT and your vision for the future.


Mehdi Barbara: In the future, our cooperation with SupreNFT will be deeper and closer, and the creation of the meta-universe will also be more three-dimensional. 

Mehdi Barbara:未来我们与SupreNFT的合作将更加深入和紧密,元宇宙的打造也将更加立体可感。

Today, Supreverse’s design covers multiple sections such as “cross-space” art exhibition halls, digital virtual fashion show venues, Supreverse virtual auction venues, and immersive virtual concerts, which focus on enhancing experience and personalized value. Each sector is connected to each other and develops rapidly. This is a point worthy of attention and expectation in this cooperation.


The future world will pay more attention to individualization and value flow.


Maintaining independence in social interactions, buying and selling in a more free and fair environment, and self-defining and self-realization through fashion trends are the development trends of the future world. 




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