4月19日,我们非常荣幸能够邀请到Stanley Lau (Artgerm)做客Whale社群跟大家聊一聊百万粉丝传统艺术家的入圈之旅~

Stanley Lau(Artgerm):Stanley是插画家、设计师、概念艺术家、创意总监,也是Imaginary Friends Studios的联合创始人。Imaginary Friends Studios是一家享誉全球的数字艺术工作室,为Capcom、DC Comics、Marvel Comics等娱乐和游戏业巨头制作高品质的艺术作品。




1.Question:okay, firstly, pls @Stanley Lau give us a brief intro about yourself~

问:首先@Stanley Lau简单介绍一下自己吧~

Answer:Hello everyone, my name is Stanley Lau (刘丕政), I’m known as Artgerm in the art community. I’m a digital artist in the entertainment industry. I’ve been doing art commercially for the past 20 years and I’m working with many great entertainment clients such as DC Comics, Marvel Comics, Capcom, Valve, Riot Games and many more. I was born in HongKong and moved to Singapore at the age of 17. Currently I’m also running a 12 months diploma course of digital art in Singapore with students from all over the world. My school is awarded as one of the top 10 digital art school internationally.

答:大家好,我叫Stanley Lau 刘丕政,在艺术界被称为Artgerm。我是一名娱乐行业的数字艺术家。在过去的20年里,我一直在做商业美术,我与许多知名娱乐领域客户合作,如DC漫画,Marvel漫画,Capcom,Valve,Riot Games等。我出生在香港,17岁时移居新加坡。目前我也在新加坡开设了12个月的数字艺术文凭课程,学生来自世界各地。我的学校被评为国际十大数字艺术学校之一。

2.Question:How do you get to know NFT in the first place and how do you decide to get into this field?@Stanley Lau


Answer:I was introduced to NFT in early 2021 through my art buddy. Since then we’ve been talking about it everyday and observe the NFT space very closely. We are very excited about the idea of NFT cos this is the first time digital artist can offer something “original” to the collectors and bring additional values to the digital creations, which was not possible in the past. We see NFT as a new form of economy for artists, even though we still have many questions about its current structure.

However as an art educator, I believe that it’s my responsibility to learn more about NFT by getting into it so that I can offer better understanding and advice to my students, including my fans and followers.

答:我是在2021年初通过我的艺术好友认识了NFT。从那时起,我们每天都在谈论它,并非常密切地观察NFT空间。我们对NFT的想法非常兴奋,因为这是第一次数字艺术家可以为收藏家提供 “原创 “的东西,并为数字创作带来额外的价值,这在过去是不可能的。我们认为NFT是艺术家的一种新的经济形式,尽管我们对它目前的结构还有很多疑问。


3.Question : As an influencer and well-know artist, what’s the advantages you have compared to others both crypto-native and traditional ones? Are there any problems you encounter when first entering ? @Stanley Lau

作为一个有影响力的和知名的艺术家,与其他人相比,你的优势是什么?初入时有遇到什么问题吗?@Stanley Lau

Answer:At the moment, the NFT space seems to be quite different from the art world I came from. I see many crypto art that may not do very well in the traditional art market but is doing extremely well in the NFT market, and vice versa. It’s quite surprising to see. Maybe NFT is still too new to the general art community for now and I do expect things to be normalised eventually, so artists with better art and greater social media followings should do better in the NFT space.


4.Question:How do you respond to Beeple’s artwork hit $69,346,250, Nycat’s first drop hit $656,100, xcopy’s Death Dip hit $2,187,000? Would you regard this as a bubble ?

问:你如何回应Beeple的艺术品达到69,346,250美元,Nycat的第一次发行达到656,100美元,xCopy‘s Death Dip达到2,187,000美元?你认为这是个泡沫吗?

Answer:What Beeple and the rest of them has accomplished is mind-boggling. I’m happy to know that collectors see such a high value in their art, however I’m unsure if such value is sustainable in the long run. From my perspective, I do see such phenomenon as temporary and it will only apply to a very very small group of artists, so most of us will not see such big transactions in our art


5.Question:With the NFT boom, more and more ppl are driven to this field. Some artists or musicians are saying that “ Artists are supposed to focus on the art itself and leave the social media and also NFT assets integration for a third party like a curator.” What’s your perspective towards that? @Stanley Lau

随着NFT的热潮,越来越多的人到这个领域。一些艺术家或音乐人说:”艺术家应该专注于艺术本身,而把社交媒体和NFT资产整合留给第三方,比如策展人。” 你对这一点有什么看法?

Answer:As an artist working in the industry for decades, I think managing my social media (Marketing) is just as important as making art. Personally I don’t use any art agent or art curator for my hand-painted work as I prefer to connect with my collectors directly. I enjoy that “personal touch” and I think my collectors appreciate it too. Therefore I will choose to be more personally involved with my 1:1 edition NFT art. However I think it is reasonable to let the third party curator to manage my NFT assets if they are open editions or selling in big quantities.

答:作为一个在这个行业工作了几十年的艺术家,我认为管理我的社交媒体(Marketing)和做艺术一样重要。就我个人而言,我的手绘作品不使用任何艺术经纪人或艺术策展人,因为我更喜欢与我的收藏家直接联系。我很享受这种 “个人的感觉”,我想我的收藏家也很欣赏这种感觉。因此,我会选择更多的亲自参与我的1:1版NFT艺术。不过我认为,如果我的NFT资产是开放版或大批量销售的话,让第三方策展人来管理我的NFT资产是合理的。

Stanley Lau(Artgerm)笔下的小龙女

6.Question:For crypto-native artists and traditional well-known artists, who would you think will dominate the market eventually? @Stanley Lau

对于加密原生艺人和传统知名艺人,你认为谁会最终主导市场?@Stanley Lau

Answer:Just like the traditional art world, artists with better art, bigger fanbase and stronger emotional engagement with their audience will do better in the crypto art market.


7.Question:Your art is well-known for imbedding with a strong sense of aesthetics & visual fluidity and also a blend of eastern and western art styles. How do you think it will implement the market? With a lack of oriental art piece in the market, how do you think Asian artists should get involved and get compatible ?


Answer:Riding on with my previous answer, I think artists should incorporate their own cultural influences into their work and make it visually unique and interesting to collect. What makes my art successful is the “international appeal”, the sense of aesthetics that both eastern and western audience can enjoy and relate to. It’s also important for the “old school” artists to consider learning new technology, such as 3D, VR and motion graphics and integrate them into the crypto art space.

答:承接我之前的回答,我认为艺术家应该将自己的文化影响融入到自己的作品中,让作品在视觉上变得独特,让收藏变得有趣。我的艺术之所以成功,就是因为 “国际吸引力”,这种美感无论是东方还是西方的观众都能享受和感同身受。对于 “老派 “艺术家来说,也要考虑学习新的技术,比如3D、VR、动态图像等,并将其融入到加密艺术空间中。

8.Question:when we mention the “postioning ” of artist himself. Is there any advice you wanna recommend if a beginner wants to be an artist ? What’s your awakening moment as an artist?

问:当我们提到艺人本身的 “定位 “时,你有没有什么建议想推荐给大家?如果一个初学者想成为一个艺术家,你有什么建议想推荐吗?你是什么时候觉得自己作为艺术家有“觉悟”了?

Answer:I believe that good art is built on good art foundation. A new artist should focus on the art fundamentals and learn to build his fanbase early, and continue to find his own voice in the art community with his unique art style.

I think so, eventually. For now it can be a little different for the outsiders to buy NFT. But I see more platforms offering direct credit card payment so that will make things easier.

But it will take a while for traditional art collectors to see the collecting value on digital art.




9.Question:Let’s led it to the next question: Which artist you admire the most both in NFT realm and non-NFT ream? Why?

问:让我们带领它到下一个问题。哪个艺术家你最佩服 无论是在NFT领域和非NFT ream?爲什麽?

Answer:At the moment, I think I’m too new in the NFT realm to find my NFT “Idols”. However I do think artists such as Beeple and CryptoPunk set a great example that the NFT space welcomes all form of art, which is very encouraging to all artists.

答:目前,我认为自己在NFT领域太新,还没有找到自己的NFT “偶像”。然而我认为像Beeple和CryptoPunk这样的艺术家树立了一个很好的榜样,NFT空间欢迎所有形式的艺术,这对所有艺术家来说都是非常鼓舞人心的。

10.Question:Alright, the last quesrion from me:We’d heard you are ready to drop your own very first NFT drop, could you pls share

more info about it? (topic/background,etc.)



Answer:Yes I’m planning to drop my first single edition NFT art on Foundation this week. It’s a very personal piece featuring my own original character, Pepper. It is an abstract visualisation of the NFT minting process that represent an entry point in my crypto art journey. I’m also planning to set aside a big % of my NFT earnings to establish an Artgerm Scholarship so that I can sponsor young and talented artists to my school and learn art with me in Singapore.


Stanley Lau(Artgerm)第一幅NFT作品



主持人:非常感谢@Stanley Lau 来参与今天的AMA,那我们今天的采访就到这边结束了,辛苦大家!如果大家还有什么问题,可以后续再社群提问也没问题~



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